Electricians Replace 20 Amp Breaker

As an international firm our approach is that technical and management training promotes sustainability. Our goal is to basically give our clients a “jumpstart” by building our clients capabilities and passing the reigns over to them.

In order to effectively carry out our training plan we identify the key elements and steps necessary for training the various staff on the use of the relevant functionality of the different components.  First our training design presents the overall goals of the training, and then the instructional design strategy employs the particular media and methods which will be used during the training.  The methods which will be used to assess training effectiveness and the description of the three major training deliverables are as follows; User Manuals, on-site Training, and Classroom Training.

Our training can be partnered with schools, training centers and firms using job-specific requirements as the basis for skills development. We understand cultural values, traditions and customs are of importance for the success of continued application and practice after we are gone, so we partner with local organizations to provide training services that respects those cultural values.