At Headway our approach to Engineering is a sustainable one. We view it as the creative process of utilizing science and technology, making use of energy and resources at a rate, which does not compromise the integrity of the natural environment, or the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.  Our engineering team provides the foundation for properly planning, designing, permitting, and constructing infrastructure development projects that will ultimately help protect the environment.

Our team coordinates with the Clients, Architects, Contractors, and governmental departments to work together as a team in developing the concepts and solutions to create a sustainable development of the water, energy and transportation sector. Development includes residential, commercial, industrial, institutional, and municipal projects located in various parts of the world.  It is important to consider both the local and global implications of a project.  Even better is to consider the applications of a project in a broader world context.  For example, could a system for rural water purification built locally for a small town in Florida be easily redesigned for application in Africa?

Our team, comprised of civil, environmental, structural, traffic, geotechnical, hydraulic and construction engineers brings to all of our projects the knowledge and expertise required to successfully carry out the projects from inception to construction of designs of the highest quality that fully meets the requirements of our clients, the public and the surrounding environment.