Mark Brown

Mark Brown has worked closely with the group of companies comprising Headway USA in various media and technology sectors, including the following:

  • Early Internet-era telecommunications and broadband venture and project implementation with AT&T Network Systems
  • Establishment of media venture with European facilities, with high-end computing, technology and other programming components, to produce US media and film assets
  • Multi-media/social media technology and programming for the US and international market (including China)
  • Film and TV programming, including very high grossing film releases in the US market
  • Additional media expertise and resources

The skill sets of Mr. Brown will add tremendous value, particularly in working with local communities and international stakeholders in a particular project, due to the ability to leverage resources to generate positive public awareness and acceptance of various project components that will affect the populace, as well as providing media resources to support broad funding community and international community acceptance. In the days of social media, and multiple media sources of information, modern-day projects require experienced and technically-savvy skills to successfully manage this new key aspect of project management.