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The serious and still growing issue of lack of availability of clean water to the population of developing countries needs to be solved. The health and economic costs of this issue are very high, with deaths and illnesses running through communities.


At Headway we can assess clients water needs in all urban areas with: detailed geographic, engineering, urban planning, demographic surveys, including collection of existing designs, maps, plans, schedules and other documents about current water systems in the target sectors of the country;

Data gathering and survey of water programs as well as those of the international donor community in order to coordinate and rationalize anticipated efforts (i.e. eliminate redundancies);

We also program risk assessment and mitigation; Implementation planning: scheduling, costing, and detailed implementation steps.


We also handle the manufacture, delivery, installation, testing and commissioning of all components of the urban water services and systems, as well as commissioning of the payment system, its internal communications components, and a sustainable business model for ongoing operations and maintenance.


Finally we ensure that O&M will cover the setup of a sustainable operations and maintenance program for each of the individual system entities comprising the urban water services and systems implemented by our program.