The bulk or maximum transfer of electrical energy over any transmission line, called the transfer capacity, is limited by constraints on thermal limits, voltage bounds, and security considerations.  As the power systems gets more stressed with increasing loads, the need to transfer power over long transmission lines is becoming very important.

At Headway, with our team of experts we are able to provide turnkey solutions covering studies and engineering of all components of power transmission grid, including AC and DC substations. We also provide the full range of services related to the planning, design and construction management of high voltage alternating and direct current electric power transmission systems.  Covering the full range of activities, including studies, engineering, works supervision and commissioning of the completed installation.  We also have the capabilities to provide training in these fields as well as in network maintenance and operations.

Some of our other capabilities are as follows:

  • Commissioning
  • Contingency Planning
  • Metering and energy management systems
  • Power generation systems analysis
  • Power system protection
  • Substation and transmission line design
  • System efficiency and loss reduction programs
  • Transmission and distribution analysis
  • Transmission and substation sitting and land planning