Today there are many options for renewable energy supply. T he growing popular options are solar, wind, hybrid power system projects.

Our first step for any renewable energy project typically includes the business needs that the project will address a project description, scope definition, identification of the project manager and team, and list of constraints and assumptions. It may also include a change control process that identifies how changes will be evaluated, managed, and integrated into the project plan.

All renewable energy projects have many technical factors to consider. These include the resource data, technology performance, electrical interconnection, site access and constructability, construction design, and forecasts of expected production.

Most renewable energy projects will require a variety of permits. Nearly all energy projects affect people outside the site boundary, so our plan focuses on how and when local stakeholders will be informed and consulted about the project.

At Headway we can provide you with various services such as:

  • Complete turnkey operations
  • Efficient Renewable Energy Transmission
  • Energy Action Plans
  • Energy Efficiency Services
  • Planning, design, and engineering
  • Procurement and logistics