Headway USA, LLC is a recently formed Virginia entity, primarily for use as a project management vehicle for several international projects.  It is an offshoot of activities pursued under GWOT Solution Partners, a Virginia-based entity, engaged in technology ventures in defense-related and homeland security applications.  Recent projects of the group of companies include:


  • Investment and commercialization of diesel engine technology, which improves engine fuel efficiency by 10-15 %, including strategic tie-ins with the Federal Railways Administration (i.e. diesel locomotive engines) and major truck engine manufacturers.
  • Development of the Kazan Commodities Exchange, an electronic trading platform for petrochemical producers, intermediaries and buyers throughout Eastern Europe.
  • Hungarian National Strategic Communications Strategy (for the Government of Hungary), in particular with a planned participation at EPCOT (Disney) via Innoventions and a new national pavilion.
  • Scotland National Development Strategy (for the Government of Scotland), in particular with food and drink vendor business development with EPCOT (Disney) at multiple points of interaction with their resources.
  • Participation in the buyout, and restructuring of Federal News Service, a national wire service focused on Capitol Hill and Federal Agency coverage, as well as a large subsidiary business called Federal Translation Services, which provides language support to US armed forces worldwide – now recently acquired by Dolan Media.
  • Several technology ventures and services primarily aimed towards the support of the warfighter and first responder (DOD and DHS programs and clients).
  • Government of Scotland, US market development solutions for its tourism industry.
  • Currently engaged with Cameroon’s Ministry of Water and Energy Resources (MINEE) having set up a funding facility for a high-priority rural water system via US Eximbank sourcing.


Previous work under GWOT Solution Partners include close coordination with US TSWG (Technical Support Working Group), an interagency cooperation between DOD and DHS, and under executive direction of the US Department of State, which serves to fund emerging technologies for the warfighters and first responders.  GWOT served in finding, forming, and funding those new technologies and services, both as a contractor and as a venture investor in the commercialization aspects of the program.  Dr. Salazar (see bio below), while at the US Dept. of State serving in the Directorate for Counter-Terrorism, directly oversaw the department’s role in TSWG.